Flow into your Zone

This week we would like to chat about the advantages of training with a heart rate monitor. One of the many reasons to spin at Flow is the added bonus of tracking your heart rate through our MyZone heart rate monitors, available for sale next door at our sister studio, Iron Orchid or online → HERE. Not only can you monitor your heart rate from your smart phone, you can also view your heart rate on our screen in our spin studio. And to answer the famous question of, “DO I HAVE TO BE ON THAT SCREEN?!?!?!” , the answer is yes – but you can always be creative with your screen name! So, let’s look at some reasons to monitor your heart and why we think you should use MyZone monitors to do so.

It is recommended by our trainers, instructors, AND MyZone that every comprehensive training program include both aerobic exercise and resistance training – in a nutshell: strength training and cardio. (PS: Can you believe you have a one stop shop for both between Iron Orchid and Flow Spin?! Yeah… we think it is pretty rad, too.) You are able to both strength train and spin with MyZone heart rate monitors. This means that if you are a member at Iron Orchid and you spin at Flow, you have a heart rate monitor that serves dual purposes.

But why should I monitor my heart rate? 

Well, because you cannot truly measure intensity without monitoring your heart rate. You also will not know whether or not you are staying within a safe range for your personal abilities. Our trainers at IO can help you establish that safe range when you purchase your MyZone monitor. Spinlife.spinning.com recommends that beginners should aim for 80% of maximum or below for at least the first three months of training while advanced trainers will have different goals.

Spin classes are usually taught with different focuses/heart rate zones that fall into one of five categories: recovery, endurance, strength, interval and race day. Take a look at the breakdown of each type HERE. Without knowing your heart rate, you cannot accurately work within each of these target zones. Keep in mind that exceeding your maximum heart rate range can also be dangerous. Again, our trainers are here to help you determine that range and always consult with your physician before engaging in any physical activity.

Who agrees with you? I want to hear from real people!

Ellyn K.

Ellyn K.

We are glad you asked, because we want you to hear directly from our Flow Tribe whenever possible. Ellyn K., who not only spins at Flow but also trains at Iron Orchid had this to say about her heart rate monitor, “The heart rate monitor not only gives me an accurate calorie count based on my personal body stats, it also provides an excellent gauge of how hard I'm working. I know when I need to push harder and maximize my cardio benefit...and when I need to dial it back...so I don't die (lol). I can unknowingly hold a heart rate of +185, so I turn my resistance down a smidge and really focus my in through the nose, out through the mouth breathing and it gets back down to my sweet spot of 169-175 in no time!”

Ready to start monitoring your heart rate??

Here at Flow Spin Studio, we want the best for our riders – and that means staying in safe zones and always having information at your fingertips. See your instructor for more information or to place an order for your MyZone monitor!

You can read more about MyZone monitors HERE!

About the Author: Lacey Sonderegger is a spin-a-holic, university communication instructor, mother of two, wife, and friend to everyone. She is passionate about creating lasting relationships in everything she does and helping others find enjoyment in Spinning!