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Sometimes it takes a little perspective to jumpstart our motivation to be active. Let’s get real here. Waking up early, creating a new schedule and routine, entering into that unknown gym territory and feeling judged, being self-conscious and not understanding equipment and form are the NOT so fun parts of working out. So, what are those things that lead us to consider all of those hurdles? Often, that perspective comes from a doctor appointment and/or test results that surprise and even concern us.

Chelsea Aud, a regular client at Flow Spin Studio, was in that exact position. A routine visit to a new doctor and a routine blood panel produced some test results that showed high cholesterol. Given, she had some family members that had shared those results – but it was the last thing on her mind at that time. Chelsea’s first response to this news was to attempt to control it with diet and exercise. Her first attempt at that did not produce the results she or her doctor desired. Next, it was on to trying the Keto diet. It was a few months into that diet that she saw a Groupon option for Flow Spin and decided to give it a try. She felt that the Groupon was a low risk, low investment way to see what Flow was all about. She is incredibly thankful that she took that small risk and she is thankful for what followed.

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Chelsea returned to her doctor about three months after trying Flow for the first time and by this point, she was about five months deep with her Keto diet as well. Her results amazed both her AND her doctor (and her nutritionist!). Her cholesterol had dropped from 318 to 238. She had energy and she had lost a significant amount of weight. At that point, she was committed to driving from Alton to Maryville (often getting up at 4:30am) to get to her Spin class at least three times a week. The lifestyle change and the benefits that followed gave Chelsea reason to share Flow with others. Chelsea believes that Spinning also helped her with her postpartum depression, which made our hearts soar. To know that Flow provided a space just for her, to spend time nurturing her own body and mind, drove home our “why” here at the studio. Helping our clients in that way is something we take very seriously.

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We asked Chelsea why Flow Spin Studio is the right fit for her and her answers did not surprise us. She loves the atmosphere. “I can come in, the lights are low, there is no judgement and I can just ride and get my workout in.” She mentioned the instructors, as well. “I trust the instructors and I feel comfortable with them.” One thing we love about Chelsea’s routine is that she spins with almost all the instructors at Flow. She appreciates the diversity of instructor options. As we say at Flow, we have an exclusive studio with an inclusive vibe and Chelsea confirmed that she felt that. She always felt welcome, encouraged, pushed, and motivated.

We asked Chelsea what she would suggest to someone who has never tried Spinning, or more specifically, has never tried Flow Spin Studio. She said, “It is not an environment I was intimidated by, like a gym full of fit people. It wasn’t a group of bikes in the middle of some room. I felt comfortable once I saw that there were multiple body types, fitness levels, and that the room was DARK!” She suggests that you grab a group of friends and give Flow a try together. And just in time for the holidays and the new year, Flow Spin is offering a Groupon deal as of December 1st! It is 4 spins for $39 designed to invite new clients to give Flow a try —> Join Our Tribe HERE!

We are so thankful that Chelsea became part of our Flow Tribe and has experienced countless benefits in the process. Seeing results on paper is so satisfying for our team, but what is even more amazing, is that we are adding to our family – one rider at a time. 

Disclaimer: Flow Spin Studio does not solely promote or have any affiliation with the Keto diet or lifestyle, but suggests that you speak to your healthcare professionals to choose the best option and plan for you and your personal goals.

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About the Author:  Lacey Sonderegger is a spin-a-holic, university communication instructor, mother of two, wife, and friend to everyone. She is passionate about creating lasting relationships in everything she does and helping others find enjoyment in Spinning!

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