Stress is LOW at FLOW

We are quickly approaching the holiday season. If you are a “Halloween is over, it is now Christmas” type of person (like us… don’t hate), then you are already there. Regardless of our feelings regarding the season, we probably all agree that there are a few extra elements of life to manage during this season. So, Flow is here to help you get a grip and take your stress LOW! We decided to offer a short and sweet list of four things to consider when heading into the holiday season.

1.     Routines or Chaos?

You may be a regular at Flow – a 5:30am committed spinner, a late morning rider, or an evening Tribe member. Whether you visit us sporadically or on a regular schedule, we encourage you to stick to a routine during the holiday season. Our instructors PROMISE to commit to making each ride new and different. You can count on them to pedal through the season with you. Schedule out those classes and commit to those days to avoid the chaos that these holidays can bring. To make this even easier, take advantage of our current promotion and purchase 60 days of unlimited spins for only $200! If you came to class three times a week for two months, that would be ONLY $8.30/class! HUGE SAVINGS! As an added bonus, if you make it to at least twenty classes during your 60-day challenge, you will automatically be entered into a drawing on Jan 31st to win your $200 BACK! Plus, did you know??....Spinning is a proven stress reliever so no excuses there! Check out this article!


2. The Business of Balance

You may be thinking… What if I commit to two or three days a week of classes, and I miss some? Well, it’s all about balance, friends. We are going to be thrown deep into the party season – full of sugar, treats, alcohol, late nights, more sugar, more alcohol quite frankly, germs, and more; however, not all is lost! This season is about balance. Indulged in desserts all night at a holiday party? Had a little too much to drink at a gathering? Regardless of your relationship with food and/or calories, we encourage you to strive for balance and be proud of each workout. Eat, spin. Drink, spin. Enjoy life, spin. See how that works? Spin. Release the guilt, release that stress.


3. Planning our Paths

If you are working through this season with a drive to stay fit and feel good, planning ahead of time will be of assistance. We already mentioned scheduling your classes ahead of time. You can be as aggressive with planning ahead as you like in regards to your workouts – but do not neglect the benefit of planning with your nutrition as well. Eating before that party will help curb the impulse binging. Packing snacks when holiday shopping will prevent that draw to a fast food option. Meal prepping through the holiday season will serve you well. Also consider that you do not have to say yes to every gathering, party, and invite. What if your planning strategy included saying no to a few events? The power of sayng “NO” can be quite liberating!


4. Maintain or Gain    

There are a few types of people that factor fitness into the holidays. We have the individuals that take on the holidays as a warrior and commit to LOSE weight and inches. Yup, you’ll show those holidays who is boss! There are also those of us that throw in the towel. Sound familiar? You go into that season with the full intention to enjoy every last drop of indulgence. You can, after all, just join those resolution makers in the new year, right? The small, smart, and realistic minority, however, has a goal of maintaining their routine, nutrition, and level of fitness. We think that is a perfect goal. With a goal of maintaining your current fitness status, you can create that balance we mentioned by using that routine to plan your path! Again, we think we can save the day with our Why Wait Challenge…Join us!   

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About the Author:  Lacey Sonderegger is a spin-a-holic, university communication instructor, mother of two, wife, and friend to everyone. She is passionate about creating lasting relationships in everything she does and helping others find enjoyment in Spinning!

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