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Flow Rider Spotlight: Cassie S.

We ADORE our Flow Riders. We love them dearly. This week we want to spend some time showering that love on Cassie S. She has been riding with us for a several months and we could not be more impressed by her commitment, attitude and spirit. She has shown up to WORK and we want to share her story with you.

Why Flow?

Cassie made the choice to visit Flow because it was close to home and she had heard good things about our sister studio, Iron Orchid. She decided to take a beginner class because it was short, smaller in size/attendees, and offered the opportunity to converse with the instructor (read more about joining our Tribe HERE!). She left feeling pretty good about her first short ride, but was quoted as saying, “There is NO way I am getting up to attend a 5:30am class.” At first, she didn’t. She attended classes here and there when she could and found that it took four full classes to be able to do standing work on the bike (ps: that is totally normal!). She remained confident and chose not to compare herself to other riders. She fed off the encouragement from her instructors and fellow riders. She found that she started to get excited about the various themed rides and started to look forward to class, sometimes burning beyond 800 calories in a single session! And then… she was hooked. She put on a pair of black Nike’s and ordered the next glass of grape flavored Kool-Aid. Ok, just kidding. Kidding!

Just keep spinning, just keep spinning...

Now, 5:30am was no longer appalling and Cassie became one of Flow’s most loyal riders. The more she rode, the more changes she noticed. Cassie has dropped 6 sizes in her clothing since March and now looks forward to shopping. She told us she is happier and healthier overall.

“I actually had exercise induced asthma and used and inhaler. I found that as my endurance built and I lost weight, I no longer needed the inhaler and I am no longer experiencing any symptoms.” 

She has since stopped all medication for the exercise induced asthma, as well. Can we say BIG WIN?! Cassie even had to have her wedding dress altered to fit!


Speak the truth, girl!

Because Cassie is such an inspiration to us and other Flow-Riders, we asked her to offer some advice for those contemplating a spin class. She shared the following:

 “It WILL get easier if you do not give up. I was so happy to see all levels and all sizes of riders in my classes and that motivated me to return. When I started riding, I was constantly watching the clock, but as my skills built I found that class flew by and sometimes I was not even ready for it to be over!”

Not only did Cassie keep to a strict spinning schedule, she started to invite people along. To date, at least five friends have attended with her. She credited the instructors, like our power house Laila G., for helping her troubleshoot some knee discomfort and introducing her to foam rolling before and after her rides. Because of the knowledge of Flow instructors, Cassie rides safely and reaps maximum results.

“Laila mentioned me in class one day and gave me a shout out because I had been working so hard. Being recognized for that effort is rewarding!” 

Work smart, eat some ice cream.

Cassie also credits her success to eliminating most processed foods and soda from her diet and being aware of the food she is consuming. She stopped snacking throughout her work day and chose to stay away from the obvious unhealthy options such as fried foods. However, she will indulge in ice cream and sticks to a common sense approach with her food choices.

Tribe Love.

We could not be more proud of Cassie – but let it be known that she did all the work. Her positive attitude and dedication knocks our socks off and we cannot wait to see what else she will conquer. The excitement surrounding her progress is contagious and the tribe is most certainly a fan of our Cassie! If you see her around, give her a well-deserved fist bump or ask her for advice. We think she is fierce, friendly and a fabulous Flow Rider!


About the Author:  Lacey Sonderegger is a spin-a-holic, university communication instructor, mother of two, wife, and friend to everyone. She is passionate about creating lasting relationships in everything she does and helping others find enjoyment in Spinning!

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